Parsley root cream soup with parsley oil


Cattle cheek with filled bone, 
salsify root- puree and bread dumpling


Curd nougat dumpling, apple- ginger- ragout, 
chili- cinnamon- crumb, blueberry sorbet

28,00 €

Small mixed salad   3,90 €Salad with balsamico-  olive oil- dressing   4,30 €Thai red cabbage coconut- creamsoup with dark chocolate rasp   6,90 €Bouillon from beef with German ravioli and vegetable stripes    5,90 €Salad with glaced stripes from apple and pumpkin, chestnuts and walnuts  9,50 €Goats- cheese filled with red whortleberry roasted in Angelhair, carpaccio from sweetpotatoe and glaced endive salad   12,20 € Homemade pickle from salmone with puree from pumpkin, gel from orange and Quinoa   13,90 €Tatar from beef with forged foie gras, pumpernickel bread under the smoke cloche  15,00 €


Wakame seaweed salad and soy sauce with sashimi from prawn  

1   6,50 €                                          2   9,50 €                                   3   12,50 €


Maultaschen (german ravioli, filled with minced meat) with chorizzosauce, 
german potatoesalad, cabbagesalad and rucola salad   14,20 €

Cordon bleu (breaded pork filled with ham and cheese) 
with pommes fand mixed salad   14,90 €

Asian Spring rolls filled with vegetables, red paprika- peanut- sauce
and basmati rice   14,90 €

Steak from the Roastbeef with Spätzle (German noodles) three types of onions
and vegetables   19,50 €

Roasted filet from skrei with grilles potage, beluga lenses, salsify root- puree and rucolapesto   21,00 €

Rack of lamb under mint crust, beans ragout, rosemary jus and potatoe gratin   22,50 €

From Grill:

Kleibls Pulled Pork with salad, salad from cabbage, roasted onions, tomatoe,
 Buttermilk Bun and country potatoes   15,90 €

Cattle hip steak (160g) under herbal crust with grilled vegetables, 
Potatoe and sour- cream- dip   18,90 €

Surf and Turf, Beef fillet (200g) and prawn embraced with angelshair with two dips, vegetables and pommes dauphine   32,00 €

Calf chop with country potatoes, herbsbutter, cabbagesalad 
and grilled vegetables   34,00 €

Home made noodles:

Homemade rigatoni with gorgonzola sauce, cherry tomatoes, spinach and walnut
11,90 €

Homemade Troncchetti filled with pearl barley and cabbage,
in orange sauce and goats cheese  14,20 €

Childrens Menue

Pommes  3,50€ Spätzle (German noodles) with gravy  3,90 €Small Schnitzel „Wiener Art“ (breaded pork) with pommes and mixed salad   7,90 €


Cheese plate with homemade chutney and homemade black walnuts   
small 7,90 €/ large 9,90 €

Gateau au chocolat moelleux 
with homemade cream-ice 
and pinacolada Creme brulee   8,20 €

German Griesflammerie (wheat, egg, lemon) 
with sorbet from clementines, 
Cocoa granules, kumquats   7,90 €

only advance order

Fondue Chinoise
(Filet from beef, Pork, Chicken )
5 different sauces, fruitsalad with cream,
Pommes frites and black- rice   20,00 € / person