Rolls from grilled vegetables marinated with pesto,                                               Rucolasalad, Cherrytomatoes and Parmesan  

Pork saddle steak with sauteed chantetelles, french fries macaire                                                                          and cabbage 

Champagnersoup with strawberrys and three types of sorbet  

25,00 €


Small mixed salad   3,90 €

Gazpacho Andaluz with Basilsorbet   5,20 €

Tom Yam Pla ( sour, spicy fishsoup)   6,90 €

Rolls from grilled vegetables marinated with pesto, Rucolasalad, Cherrytomatoes and Parmesan   9,80 €

Tatar from Angus beef (onions, egg, caper, mustard, cucumber)                                          and Parmesanchip   13,90 €

Ceviche from daily fish with pineapple, cucumber and Kalamansi   13,90 €


Wakame seaweed salad and soy sauce with
sashimi from prawn  1     4,00 €
                                  2     7,50 €
                                  3   10,50 €



Maultaschen (german ravioli, filled with minced meat) with chorizzosauce, 
german potatoesalad and salad   13,90 €

Cheese Spätzle (German noodles baked with cream and cheese)                                      and roasted onions   8,90 €

Schnitzel „Wiener Art“(breaded pork) 
with pommes fand mixed salad   11,90 €

Chicken breast filled with peanuts, bread, Rucolasalad,                                                 pommes and apricot- chutney   17,90 €

Steak from the Roastbeef with Spätzle (German noodles) 
and vegetables   18,90 €

Filet from meager roasted on skin with sauce of prawns,                                           ricesouffle and Asian vegetables   22,90 €

From Grill:

Kleibls free style Burger (250g)                                                                                              with cheese, salad, tomatoe in Buttermilk Bun and pommes   15,90 €

Tagliata di Manzo (stripes from Roastbeef) wit tomatoe- rucola- salad, roasted mushrooms and Parmesan   18,90 €

Cattle hip steak (160g) under herbal crust with grilled vegetables,    Potatoe and sour- cream- dip   18,90 €

Beef fillet (200g)   29,00 €                                                                              with two dips, vegetables and pommes dauphine  

Home made noodles:

Homemade Tagliatelle with chanterelles and cherry tomatoes   13,90 €

Homemade Ravioli filled with goats cheese (ricotta), honey and rucolapesto       14,20 €

Childrens Menue

Small Schnitzel „Wiener Art“ (breaded pork) 
with pommes and mixed salad   7,90 €

Spätzle (German noodles) with gravy  3,90 €

Pommes  3,50€

Pommes  3,50€


Cheese plate with homemade chutney and homemade black walnuts   
small 7,90 €/ large 9,90 €

Trilogie from lavendar creme brulèe, chocolate tarte, and homemade cream ice   7,50 €

Mousse from curd with strawberry- mint- salad, rhubarb- strawberry- icecream and Florentine almond cake   7,50 €

only advance order

Fondue Chinoise
(Filet from beef, Pork, Chicken )
5 different sauces, fruitsalad with cream,
Pommes frites and black- rice   20,00 € / person