Prosecco with homemade sirup from Elderflower   4,70 €

Prosecco with melon- sorbet   5,50 €

Kleibls sgroppino (Prosecco, lemonsorbet, homemade limoncello)   6,30 €


Drunken Spaghetti (cooked in red wine) with parmesan and rosemary

Tagliata di Manzo (Sliced beef), tomatoe carpaccio, rucolasalad, roasted oyster mushrooms and parmesan

Coffee Panna cotta wit nougatfoam and caramelized Cereals  (7,90 €)
28,00 €


Small mixed salad   3,90 €

Salad with balsamico- olive oil- dressing 4,50 €

Gazpacho Andaluz with basil sorbet and stained salmon   5,80 €

Beef bouillon with fries strudel and chives  5,20 €

Parmesan- cream- soup with ratatouille and parmesan chip 6,20 €

Goats- cheese filled with peach and almondcrust roased on Angelhair, 
and mixed salad   11,90 € 

Kaviar from chia in crustacean- coconut- kalamansi- elixir, wakame seaweed salad with octopus, stained salmon and wasabi- herbs- sorbet   12,00 €

Tatar from beef under the smoke cloche with pickled egg yolk   14,90 €


Schnitzel „Bavarian style“(breaded pork) 
with pommes fand mixed salad   13,80 €

Maultaschen (german ravioli, filled with minced meat) with chorizzosauce, 
german potatoesalad, cabbagesalad and mixed salad   14,90 €

Steak from the Roastbeef with Spätzle (German noodles) three types of onions
and vegetables   19,50 €

Roasted mackerel with rice risotto, 
nectarine- chili- salsa and fresh tomatoe sauce   22,80 €

Lamb hipsteak under potatoe crust rosemary- jus, with white beans puree and beans with pork   24,00 €

From Grill:

Kleibls Veggie Burger 
Zucchini- Carrot- Burger in buttermilk bun, gratinated with bufalo mozzarella wedges 
and sour cream dip14,00 €

Flatbread from grill with marinated chickenbreast, salad an sour- cream- dip   16,50 €

Surf and Turf, Beef fillet (200g) and prawn embraced with angelshair with two dips, vegetables and pommes dauphine   32,00 €

Home made noodles:

Herbs- Tagliatelle with chanterelles and tomatoepesto 
13,00 €

Black Spaghetti with prawns, zucchini and tomatoes   13,20 €

Basil- Tomatoe- Ravioli filled with buffalo ricotta in sage- tomatoes- butter and rucola   14,90 €

Sepia-curcuma- ravioli filled with smoked salmon and ricotta in prawns- cream- sauce 15,80 €

Childrens Menue

Pommes  3,50€
Spätzle (German noodles) with gravy  3,90 €

Small Schnitzel „Wiener Art“ (breaded pork) 
with pommes and mixed salad   7,90 €


Ball from Sorbet   1,40 €
( strawberry, melon, lemon )

Ball from ice cream   1,40 €
( Vanilla, tiramisu, cherry- yoghurt, chocolate )

Affogato al caffè (espresso with vanilla ice cream)   3,50 €

Ball from Vanilla cream with homemade limoncello   4,50 €

Tappet from cherry- yoghurt- cream- ice with white- chocolte- cake,                         raspberry and caramelized peanuts   7,20 €

Bavaria "Rupfhauben" in tonkabean milk with 
cinnamon- cherry- compote and caramelized ice cream    8,90 €

only advance order

Fondue Chinoise
(Filet from beef, Pork, Chicken )
5 different sauces, fruitsalad with cream,
Pommes frites and black- rice   20,00 € / person